An eco-responsible Website on
Transport and Logistics

Ecostars Europe manages an eco-responsible site that provides Internet users with a database on the environment and logistics management. Its objective is to facilitate the commitment and dissemination of a message on the whole theme of ecological transport, energy transition and respect for the environment.

About the Author

Adam Richard, passionate about the environment and sustainable development in the transport and logistics sector, began to create the Ecostars Europe site that guides you through an informative portal on solutions to reduce transport pollution.

Here is what the original program mentionned

ECOSTARS Europe concluded as an Intelligent Energy Europe project on 31st May 2014.  However ECOSTARS continues in nearly 20 different locations around Europe. 

Cleaner freight and passenger transport

ECOSTARS Europe promotes more efficient and cleaner freight and passenger transport vehicle movements by providing recognition, guidance and advice to operators of vehicle fleets. ECOSTARS EUROPE established seven new Fleet Recognition Schemes in 6 countries, and supported the continued development of the original ECOSTARS scheme in South Yorkshire, in the United Kingdom. 

Tailor-made support

Each ECOSTARS scheme rates vehicles and operating practices using simple star rating criteria, to recognise levels of environmental and energy savings performance. Operators then receive tailor-made support to ensure the fleet is running as efficiently and economically as possible, to help them progress to higher ratings within the scheme. 

Developing common scheme standards across Europe

The development of the ECOSTARS schemes was guided by a European Wide Reference Group, with common scheme standards. The project also produced a guide for Local Authorities into setting up ECOSTARS schemes so that the lessons from the project can be used in the future.