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The development of electric commercial vehicles

Subject to favourable taxation and kept out of the scandal that affected diesel fuel cars, commercial vehicles seemed not to have to make an act of redemption and to be able to continue their journey without environmental constraints or obligations. Last autumn, the European authorities decided otherwise. The Member States […]

What energies for transport and logistics ?

Today, there are many proven and cost-effective energies that are significantly cleaner than gasoline or diesel. The “clean fuel” that suits you best will depend above all on the type of use. Here is an overview. LNG – Freight Transport For heavy transport over long distances, such as freight transport […]

How to reduce transport pollution ?

Motorists are becoming aware of the urgent need to stop the current waste of energy. Pollution from fine particles and other pollutants is poisoning the air and air in cities and towns and cities is becoming unbreathable. Manufacturers of powerful and polluting cars continue to offer new models, but fortunately, […]

How is the transport sector polluting?

Air pollution, noise and congestion are just some of the many environmental damages cited for transport sector. And they can occur at any stage, from production to decommissioning. Damage to the physical environment The impacts at local, regional and global level are multiple and cover a very wide range of […]